New AELAW booklet: Gaulish



This booklet, the fifth of AELAW Booklets volumes, focuses on the study of Gaulish, an ancient language linguistically classified as Continental Celtic, a Celtic branch of the vast Indo-European family tree, situated in an area that covers modern day France, Belgium, Luxembourg, most of Switzerland, Northern Italy, and parts of the Netherlands and Germany.

Written in English by A. Mullen and C. Ruiz Darasse and with the aim of bringing Gaulish knowledge to the general public, this booklet provides an introductory explanation of Gaulish language and epigraphy with an accessible literature review. This booklet also offers a completed up-to-date explanation of Gaulish language and writing where readers can find information about linguistics, onomastic or writing systems and their evolution, comparing phonology, morphology or syntax. These authors have also included diverse studies related to name practices, epigraphy, or census of inscriptions, explaining the main inscriptions written in Gaulish. The booklet concludes with a chapter on the most relevant bibliographical references about Celtic and Gaulish, which is very useful to continue exploring relevant issues of this topic.

As the others, the Gaulish booklet is richly illustrated within its 44 pages. Over fifty pictures, visual maps, tables and drawings of the main inscriptions complement the explication and provide a better understanding of it. Also, due to the importance of communicating with a wider audience that its authors have pointed out, the information available in this book and the way it is written allows its comprehension not only for academic readers but also for novels.