New Celtiberian inscription from Clunia



A new Celtiberian stele has been recovered in Clunia and published in Archivo Español de Arqueología 91 (Ignacio Simón and Joaquín Gorrochategui). It is a piece which contains a Celtiberian inscription and the representation of a warrior, a characteristic combination of monuments originating in this city. The text is written in Western Celtiberian script, presenting vowel redundancy and, in principle, it is compatible with the so-called dual system of writing. It contains one single line of text delimited by two lines, perhaps part of a cartouche. The proposed interpretation is mukuuroskiimine+ and, while there are no interpuncts, it is initially most plausible to identify a personal name (Muguros) and a second element which lacks any good parallels. Above the epigraph there is an infantryman, wearing boots, equipped with greaves and who appears to be dressed in a sagum; in his right hand he is holding a shaft which he is carrying over his shoulder and whose upper end has been lost.

You can read the paper here: