AELAW Second training school (Verona, September 2016)

AELAW Second training school (Verona, September 2016)


Pre-Roman languages and inscriptions of Italy

A year after its first Training School, the AELAW network organised the second one, which took place in Verona, Italy, between 5th and 8th September 2016. Devoted to the languages and writings from Italy, the School was a valuable occasion to put together specialists and researchers in this interesting but complex topic. Near thirty trainees attended, with a heterogeneous profile: from grade students to professors from all Europe. Coordinated by Dr. Simona Marchesini and with the support of the Alteritas foundation, which facilitated the venue place, the event was a success.

The School was divided in four sessions, one for day. First day, Drs. Marchesini and Benelli made a general introduction about the peoples of Ancient Italy with a special consideration to ethnic and archaeological aspects, a useful introduction to the School. After that, Drs. Benelli and Belfiore focused in the main aspects of Etruscan epigraphy, an important task if one thinks about the amount of information that must be condensed. The session ended with a skype connection with Dr. Rex Wallace, who explained the recently discovered stele from Mugello.

Second day, and after a visit to the impressive Arena of Verona, one of the best preserved amphitheatres of Italy, and the Museo Maffeiano with its epigraphic collection, the session resumed with lectures about the languages and writings from northern Italy and the Alps region. Dr. Schumacher talked about Raetic, Drs. Benelli and Marchesini about Venetic and Dr. Stifter about Lepontic.

Wednesday 7th was an intensive but fruitful working session, beginning with lectures about Faliscan by Dr. Lucca Rigobianco and Camunic by Drs. Solano and Marchesini. Actually, one of the STSM realized during last May was devoted to the census of the Camunic inscriptions. Through Skype connection, Drs. Guglielmino and Scarano explained the astonishing site of Grotta della Poesia in the southern town of Rocca Vechia, a partially submerged cave with dozens of inscriptions. The evening was employed in the Osco-Umbrian languages, with lectures by Dr. Poccetti, one of the most important specialists in Italic languages, and by the young researcher Dr. Edoardo Middei, who talked about onomastics in these cultural areas.

Last day, Dr. Marchesini lectured about Messapic language from southeast Italy and the complex set of languages and epigraphic cultures of Sicily. Dr. Estarán, a Marie Curie Researcher, talked extensively about bilingualism and the latinization process in Italy and Dr. Valentina Belfiore closed the School with an interesting talk about fakes and odds in the Italic epigraphy. All participants could enjoy the city of Verona, one of the most beautiful in northern Italy, which served as an unrivalled setting for this Training School.


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