Chair of Latin
Trinity College, University of Dublin

Anna Chahoud (B.A. in Classics, University of Bologna; PhD in Greek and Latin Philology, University of Pisa; MA (j.o.) Trinity College Dublin) has been Chair of Latin in Trinity College Dublin since 2006, after holding positions at University College Dublin and in the UK.

Her research focuses on fragmentary Latin and its transmission, with a special interest in the relationship between literary and colloquial, substandard and non-literary Latin. She is engaged in writing the first English language commentary of Lucilius for Cambridge University Press, and on an edition of fragmentary Latin satire, political invective and popular verse for Harvard University Press.

She has been an invited visiting scholar at All Souls College, Oxford (2008) and Visiting Scientist at the Scuolar Normale Superiore, Pisa (2012). She regularly contributes to scientific evaluations in Europe and in the UK. She is a Fellow of Trinity College, a consulting editor of the Bryn Mawr Classical Review, and the convener of the Trinity Arts and Humanities Research Theme in Manuscript, Book and Print Cultures, which explores the history of writing from papyrus to e-book.


Selected publications:


E. Dickey and A. Chahoud (2010), Colloquial and Literary Latin, Cambridge.



A. Chahoud (2011), “Varro’s Latin and Varro on Latin”, in R. Ferri and A. Zago (eds.) The Latin of

the Grammarians: Reflections about Language in the Roman World, Pisa (forthcoming)

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Companion to the Latin Language, 367-383.

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Chahoud (eds.), Colloquial and Literary Latin, Cambridge, 42-64

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A. Chahoud (2008), “Alterità linguistica, latinitas e ideologia tra Lucilio e Cicerone”, in R. Oniga

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