Independent Researcher
LITTERA group (University of Barcelona)

Joan Ferrer is a software engineer that works as an Information and technology Project Manager at the Barcelona Port Authority. He also has a degree in archaeology and has developed in the last ten years a line of research in the field of the palaeohispanic scripts and languages, publishing more than fifty papers on the matter. Currently, he is preparing a PhD by prior publication at the Barcelona University in the doctoral program ‘Cultures and Languages of the Ancient World and their Lasting Presence’ of the Faculty of Philology. His research interests have been focused mainly into the study of the Iberian scripts, improving and enlarging the already known dual system of the north-eastern Iberian script, and proposing a new dual system for the south-eastern Iberian script. He also has researched about Iberian abecedaries, identifying some of the dual ones among the rock inscriptions in La Cerdanya and the non-dual ones through statistical analysis. In a recent work, he has proposed a new hypothesis about the genealogy of the palaeohispanic scripts that considers the possibility that the original palaeohispanic script was also of the dual type. Another research interest has been the Iberian metrological systems, especially the system used on the Iberian coins as mark of value, which positively identifies some elements as a numbers and gives support to the relation between the Iberian numeral system and the Basque numeral system. He participates in the research group that is involved in the development of the Hesperia online databank and in the group that is defining the Unicode encoding of the palaeohispanic scripts.




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