Research Fellow
University of Nottingham - University of Oxford

Noemí Moncunill holds a PhD in Latin Philology from the University of Barcelona and she is currently a research fellow of the ERC project LatinNow, hosted by the University of Nottingham and based at the Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents, University of Oxford. From 2015 to 2017 she has  been a Marie Skłodowska-Curie experienced researcher at Paris Sorbonne University and King’s College London. Before that, she was a lecturer at the University of Barcelona, the International University of Catalonia and the Open University of Catalonia. She has also been a visiting scholar at Harvard University's Center for Hellenic Studies, UC Berkeley, Université Libre de Bruxelles, CNRS-Univ. de Montpellier, and Fondation Hardt pour l’étude de l’antiquité classique, in Geneva. 

Her main fields of research are the pre-Roman languages and scripts from the Iberian Peninsula and southern France, and their interactions with the major written cultures in the western Mediterranean. She is a member of the Hesperia project (University of the Basque Country), which aims at the online edition of the whole Palaeohispanic corpus and related ancient sources, as well as a member of the LITTERA group from the University of Barcelona. Since 2014 she is part of the Année Epigraphique team.


Selected publications:


N. Moncunill (2007), Lèxic d’inscripcions ibèriques (1991-2006), TdX – Universitat de Barcelona.

N. Moncunill (2010), Els noms personals ibèrics en l’epigrafia antiga de Catalunya, Institut d’Estudis Catalans, Barcelona.

N. Moncunill, X. Espluga, J. Bellès (2014), Cicero. Pro Balbo. De prouinciis consularibus, critical edition, translation and commentary, Fundació Bernat Metge, Barcelona.



N. Moncunill (forthcoming), “L’épigraphie ibérique de Ruscino”, Studi su Ruscino, Università di Macerata-Universitat de Barcelona.

N. Moncunill, J. Ferrer, J. Velaza (2015), “Preliminary proposal to encode the southern Palaeohispanic scripts for the Unicode standard”, Unicode Consortium (online publication).

N. Moncunill (2015), “The Iberian lead plaque in the Víctor Català collection (Empúries, L’Escala). A new study and edition”, Epigraphica 77, 67-83.

N. Moncunill (2013), “Falsae, suspectae vel deperditae: particularidades del corpus epigráfico ibérico de Tárraco”, Palaeohispanica 13, 501-515.

N. Moncunill (2012), “El orden de los formantes antroponímicos en la lengua ibérica”, ELEA 12, 189-217.

N. Moncunill, J. Velaza (2012), “La escritura ibérica en la casa iberorromana”, Sylloge Epigraphica Barcinonensis 10, 49-59.

N. Moncunill, J. Velaza (2011), “Abiner, Abinericus, Abinnericus”, Sylloge Epigraphica Barcinonensis 9, 59-62.

N. Moncunill, N. Morell (2008), “Reexcavando en los museos: novedades epigráficas en soportes de plomo”, Palaeohispanica 8, 243-255.