Stockholm University

Ulla Rajala is currently a researcher at the Department of Archaeology and Classical Studies at Stockholm University. She is an archaeologist and interested in local identities and multiculturality in central Italy; she uses inscriptions as one of the material groups in her analysis.

She did her PhD thesis on the use of GIS in analysing human landscapes at the University of Cambridge in 2002. She became a docent in central Italian protohistoric archaeology at the University of Oulu in 2009

Selected publications:


U. Rajala (2016), (ed.) Italic inscriptions and databases workshop (Rome, 23 September 2014), themed section, Archeologia e calcolatori 26, 2015.


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U. Rajala, P. Mills (2014), ‘Defining Edges and Districts – ceramiscene in the territory of Nepi (VT, Lazio, Italy)’, in J. Ikäheimo, A.-K. Salmi & T. Äikäs (ed.). Sounds Like Theory. XII Nordic Theoretical Archaeology Group Meeting in Oulu 25. – 28.4.2012, MASF 2, 121–140 (

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U. Rajala, H. Arima, F. Fulminante & M. Helamaa (2013),‘Five field seasons at Cisterna Grande (Crustumerium, Rome, Italy): identities, rituals and remembrance from the Orientalising to the Archaic period’, in P. Attema, F. di Gennaro & E. Jarva (eds.). Crustumerium 1: Ricerche plurinazionali in un Centro latino, 61-82. Groningen: University of Groningen & Barkhuis.

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