Great success of the AELAW booklets!



The AELAW booklets, written by members of this network, are having a great success. One of the reasons of this success could be that they provide lots of information about the fragmentary languages and writing systems of ancient Europe, and their epigraphic cultures in their c. 50 pages. Another reason could be that they are written in order to reach all publics, from academics to high school students interested in this topic, so they are easy to read and understand.

All these books have the same structure, so it is possible to compare them and see similarities or differences between these epigraphic habits. The structure of these books is "Language", where you can find information about linguistics and onomastics; "Writing", with information about the writing system that is used for each language, and "Epigraphy", showing and explaining the main inscriptions written in that language. Besides, there is also an "Introduction", with chronological and geographical remarks and some information about the people that spoke this language; a "Census" of the inscriptions recorded and "Further information", where you can find also the most relevant bibliographical references. Also, all the booklets are richly illustrated with visual maps that help understanding the epigraphical ensemble, and also tables, pictures and drawings of the main inscriptions, and the materials of that epigraphic culture

Right now, five booklets have been already published, three in English (Celtiberian, by C. Jordán and F. Beltrán; Lusitanian, by D. Wodtko and Raetic, by C. Solomon) and two in Spanish (Ibérico by N. Moncunill and J. Velaza; and Celtibérico, by F. Beltrán and C. Jordán). New volumes are expected for the next months: three translations (the Spanish version of Lusitanian and Raetic, and the English version of Ibérico) and five new books (Gaulish, by A. Mullen and C. Ruiz Darasse; Italoceltic, by D. Stifter; Messapic, by S. Marchesini; Vasconic, by J. Gorrochategui; and Etruscan, by E. Benelli). These booklets will be translated to different languages, in order to be enjoyed by more readers.

Last but not least, another wonderful detail of the AELAW booklets is their prize (only 9 €!). It makes this information available for all kind of publics, and they are still a quality work made by acknowledged experts in each topic. You can find them in this web.