What’s in a name? New book on ancient Palaeohispanic onomastics

by José M. VALLEJO


The project Hesperia keeps on providing good news! We are pleased to introduce you the new book published within this hard-working Spanish team: Onomástica paleohispánica: Antroponimia y Teonimia. Parte I: testimonios epigráficos latinos, celtibéricos y lusitanos, y referencias literarias. His author, J. M. Vallejo, works at the University of the Basque Country, where the series of Hesperia corpora is being published (see also M. J. Estarán, F. Beltrán et al., Banco de Datos Hesperia de Lenguas Paleohispánicas (BDHESP). II. Numismática paleohispánica, Vitoria, 2015).

As illustrated by the title, J. M. Vallejo has gathered up the following:

- Indigenous personal names in Latin Hispanic epigraphy.

- Indigenous personal names transmitted by Latin and Greek sources.

- Indigenous Personal names of Hispanic people found abroad.

- Indigenous personal names in Celtiberian and Lusitanian inscriptions.

- Indigenous divinity names in both Latin and local epigraphy.

This laborious work collects the onomastic material directly related to the Ancient Iberian Peninsula (an online and interactive version of this work is available here), and not only focuses on personal and divinity names found in Celtiberian and Lusitanian inscriptions (Iberian ones are not included in this version; you can find them here), but also in Latin and Greek texts. And this is just the first book of Hesperia devoted to Onomastics... There will be more!