Conference Grants ITC

COST Action IS1407 Ancient European languages and writings (AELAW) invites PhD students and Early Career Investigators (ECI) from COST Inclusiveness Target Countries to submit applications for Conference Grants (see PDF for the definition of ITC and ECI). Conference Grants are aimed at supporting PhD students and ECI from participating ITC to attend international science and technology related are conferences which not specifically organized by the COST Action.


Any e-COST user who is a PhD student or an ECI and is affiliated with an institution located in an ITC country participating in the Action can submit an application request for an ITC Conference Grant.

  1. Conference Grants are exclusively reserved for PhD students and ECI’s.
  2. The applicant must make an oral/poster presentation at the conference in question and must be listed in the official event/conference programme. The main subject of the oral presentation / poster presentation / speech at the approved conference must be on the topic of the Action and must acknowledge COST.
  3. The participation of each applicant must be pre-approved by the Coordinator. Attendance at European conferences is preferred. However, conferences held elsewhere can also be considered.

Deadline for Applications:

Application must be submitted at least 45 days before the conference start date.

Conferences must take place between 05/02/2018 and 30/04/2018.

Financial Support:

A Conference Grant is a fixed financial contribution which takes into consideration the budget request of the applicant and the outcome of the evaluation of the application by the delegated person(s).

Conference Grants do not necessarily cover all of the expenses related to participating in a given conference. A Conference Grant is a contribution to the overall travel, accommodation and meal expenses of the selected Grantee. The calculation of the financial contribution for each Conference Grant must respect the following criteria:

  • Up to a maximum of EUR 2 500 in total can be afforded to each successful applicant;
  • Up to a maximum of EUR 160 per day can be afforded for accommodation and meal expenses.
  • Up to a maximum of EUR 500 can be claimed for the conference fees to be incurred by the selected Grantee.

For more information, please see the full text of the call (below)

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