Publications: Raetic inscriptions

Zu Varianten von Pi und Tau in rätischen Inschriften (On Variants of Pi and Tau in Raetic Inscriptions)

Author: Corinna SALOMON

In: Die Sprache 51,2, 237‒263.

The article proposes a reinterpretation of two characters specific to Raetic inscriptions, the allegedly retrograde "Sanzeno pi" and the marginal character "a punto", i.e. consisting of a hasta with a dot on top. Discussing the attestations of the latter and their implications for its sound value, the attestations of words which are written variously with either character, and the graphic derivation and respective distribution of the two characters, it argues their correspondence and the consequent identification of "Sanzeno pi" as a variant of tau.

Keywords: Raetic inscriptions, North Italic epigraphy