Publications: Tartesian

Present, Past and Future of Palaeohispanistics

Author: Carlos JORDÁN CÓLERA

In: J. Vela, J. F. Fraile and C. Sánchez (eds), Studia Classica Caesaraugustana.Vigencia y presencia del mundo clásico hoy:XXV años de Estudios Clásicosen la Universidad de Zaragoza, Zaragoza 2015, 301-338.

In this paper, we intend to provide an overview of Paleohispanistics. To this end we will begin by defining our research topic. Then we will handle a number of relevant questions, namely the discussions on the following Palaeohispanic languages: Southeastern language, Lusitanian, Celtiberian, Iberian and Vascon language.

Keywords: Palaeohispanic Epigraphy, Hispania, Iberian, Tartesian, Celtiberian, Celtic