Publications: Raetic

Selected finds from Dercolo in the context of Raetic epigraphy

Authors: Corinna SALOMON, Sindy KLUGE

In: Wissenschaftliches Jahrbuch der Tiroler Landesmuseen 2015, pp. 81-95.

Publication Date: 2015

Among the archaeological finds made in Dercolo in the Non valley (Italy) are a number of objects bearing inscriptions and inscription-like marks. These documents are testimonies of Raetic writing and/or culture, and were examined and documented anew for their inclusion in the online data management system Thesaurus Inscriptionum Raeticarum. The present paper gives an overview on the Dercolo finds from the Late Iron Age, and describes the different kinds of marks and characters in the context of the Raetic archaeological and inscription corpus.

Keywords: Raetic, Italy, New Documents

New Inscriptions in North-Italic script from Austria

Author: David STIFTER

In: Robert Nedoma und David Stifter (eds.), *h2nr. Festschrift für Heiner Eichner [= Die Sprache 48 (2009)], Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz 2010, 233-240.

This article presents two very short pre-Roman inscriptions in North-Italic script from Austria: 1. a text in possibly Raetic or Ventic script from the Gurina (Carinthia), 2. a graffito in Venetic script from the Frauenberg (Styria).

Keywords: Venetic, Raetic, Austria, New Documents