Publications: Bilingualism

Epigraphic Habit and Bilingual Inscriptions in the Iberian Peninsula

Authors: Francisco BELTRÁN LLORIS, María José ESTARÁN TOLOSA

In: C. Ruiz Darasse, and E. R. Luján (eds.), Contacts linguistiques dans l'Occident méditerranéen antique, Madrid 2011, 9-25.

This paper offers a panoramic vision of language contact in the Iberian Peninsula before and during Latinisation. An explanation of the difficulties that this topic rises to epigraphists and linguists and some methodological reflection are followed by a catalogue of bilingual inscriptions of Hispania, as well as those that, even if not bilingual, suggest some kind of bilingualism during their execution.

Keywords: Palaeohispanic Epigraphy, Bilingualism, Hispania